Academic Enrichment Program

what is our program mission?

Because God created each of us with different gifts (I Corinthians 12), LAMS is committed to meeting the unique needs of students who have demonstrated an exceptional level of ability and/or achievement in their academic work by providing resources and support to classroom teachers in meeting the needs of the students. The Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) provides meaningful, consistent enrichment for students in grades 5-8 by standardizing the methods by which we identify students in need of enrichment and the methods used to provide that enrichment. This provides cohesiveness in the student’s overall school experience, with consistency from year to year.

What this program IS:

A weekly period devoted to:

  • Providing time and guidance for students to “dig deeper” in their knowledge about historical, scientific, creative, and analytical topics
  • Providing time and guidance for students to expand what they know and interact in new and exciting ways with areas of interest
  • Providing time and guidance for students to cooperate with their peers and to create, invent, explore, learn, question, and rejoice in the process of learning
What this program IS NOT:
  • An extension of the academic curriculum at LAMS
  • A time to do homework or a way to “get out of class”

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