Thousands of parents worldwide share a belief that God has given them a responsibility to train their children in the ways of the Lord – ways that are consistent with Christ’s teachings yet address the realities of popular culture. These parents, recognizing that an education separated from God is incomplete, enlist the support of Christian schools to integrate academic instruction with Biblical values and understanding. When these disciplines are combined, God is acknowledged as Creator of the physical world; He is the sovereign Author of history, the One who shapes past, current and future events; He is the One to whom each person will account for his or her life choices. Mature, committed Christian teachers are partners with parents in the educational process, and the learning environment is a place where Biblical values, attitudes, and responsibilities are encouraged on a daily basis.

At LAMS, families from a variety of Christian denominations can and do find benefit in shared values. This focus fosters a unity and commitment that shapes, guides, and immeasurably enriches the school.

We are fully accredited by the Commission on Elementary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (CES/MSA).  We are also affiliated with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association (MACSA). These organizations provide a network for educational and professional growth and cooperative support.

Educational excellence is critical at LAMS. Our faculty averages eight years of classroom experience. All teachers have teaching certificates, including 25% who have earned a master’s degree.

LAMS uses traditional classroom instruction rather than self-paced programs as its method of education. For most subjects students of mixed abilities are grouped together. Reading and middle school math are grouped by skill level. Interactive hands-on learning engages students in their respective homerooms where general academic instruction is given. Programs in art, music, library, computer, and physical education address the whole child and are essential for rounding out the curriculum. LAMS also devotes resources to engage students of all ability levels, understanding that each child is worthy of our best efforts to help them progress educationally. Students achievement and academic excellence are monitored primarily through ongoing informal and formal assessments and also through standardized testing. Parent-teacher conferences, an important part of this process, are scheduled annually but also welcomed at other times as needed.

LAMS parents – its patrons – are involved in planning, development, and implementation of many aspects of the school’s educational objectives. Several of LAMS’ key fund-raising events are entirely patron-organized and sponsored. Parent volunteers contribute to the daily activities of classroom and facility management, enriching and extending the school’s resources. Board members, elected from among the body of LAMS’ parents, help shape administrative policies and oversee general operations of the school. Working together on matters of importance invites regular and open dialogue, and encourages faculty, administration, and parents to discuss those questions and concerns that come up from time to time.

LAMS owns a number of buses and a van to provide transportation. Students in many surrounding school districts are bused to LAMS in district vehicles. Policies regarding transportation are defined annually by the school’s transportation committee. For current information please contact the school.

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