Elementary School

the elementary school experience

Our elementary teachers recognize the importance of the foundations of learning that occur in the elementary years.  Teaming with parents, we strive to nurture their minds and their hearts through excellent academics taught from a Biblical worldview.  Employing the whole child approach, students engage in a variety of learning styles in the classroom.  They also take part in art, music, physical education, and tech education under the direction of expert teachers.


Fast Facts:

  • LAMS is an accredited K-12 program
  • School day runs from 8:08am – 2:45 pm
  • Bible curriculum is utilized Kindergarten to grade 5 
  • All subjects are taught from a Biblical Worldview
  • Students attend music, physical education, art, tech ed and library throughout the week
  • Active play is encouraged with two recess times 
  • Students wear uniforms to support unity and simplicity
  • A variety of teaching methods and learning styles are incorporated into each classroom.
  • All teachers are certified and many have or are pursuing a master’s degree
  • Class sizes do not exceed 24 students (aides are in the larger primary classrooms)
  • Bus transportation is available to most local families for an additional fee

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