We Would Love for You to Join our Community!

We are so happy that you are considering joining our LAMS community! 

Our Director of Admissions and Marketing, Autumn Hoffman, is waiting for your call! She can be reached at 717-626-9551 (ext 266) or email at ahoffman@lams.info.

Steps Toward Enrollment:

#1. Schedule a Tour of LAMS: If you are interested in enrollment, we will schedule a time for you to visit the school and give you a personalized tour. This tour is the best opportunity for your family to see LAMS in operation during the school day.

#2. Fill out our Online Application: After your tour, the next step is to click on the  enrollment link and complete the online enrollment form. This enrollment link will be available to new families on February 2, 2024 for the 2024/25 school year. 

#3. After we have received and accepted your student’s application, LAMS will schedule an assessment for all new students in grades K-12 and a new family interview with our Head of School.


Admissions Policies and Procedures

At LAMS we view the program of the school as an extension of the Christian home and church.  For this reason, at least one parent/guardian shall have a personal understanding of the new birth of Christ.  Parents/guardians shall hold membership and be actively involved in a church congregation.  Parents/guardians must agree that LAMS presents a Christian education reflecting Anabaptist principles and shall express harmony with the school’s position.

For enrollment in kindergarten through High School, grade level assessments will be administered.  The following benchmarks will be considered for admission: reading and math scores within 5 months of grade level and written communication which displays grade-appropriate message and mechanics.  Test results which raise concern will be considered by a team comprised of the administrator, learning support instructor, IU reading specialist, and specified classroom teachers.  A decision to admit the enrollee will be based on the school’s presumed ability to meet the student’s academic, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. In addition, if the candidate appears to need special services, the decision to enroll will consider the availability of openings in these programs.

An informative interview will occur with the administrator where parent/guardians will be asked to share their personal testimony and their desire to enroll in a Christian school.

If you have made your decision to join LAMS you may request a packet of information from ahoffman@lams.info.  We will accept enrollment applications beginning in February Our current patrons are given preference up until early-February and all applications received prior to that date will be added to the class on a first come, first serve basis until the class is full.  This is most applicable to our Pre-k classes that tend to fill up. 

Tuition Brochure 2024-2025

Click on each link below for Pre-Kindergarten – 12th Grade Information:

All enrollment is done online.  Please look for the “Enroll Now” button above to begin the process of enrolling a Pre-K thru 12th grade student. 

NEW! LAMS Collaborative Academy 

LAMS is excited to offer students in 9th thru 12th grade a nontraditional high school environment.  For more information on our program and enrollment please click on the link below.

LAMS Collaborative Academy Information Link  

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